Thursday, February 13, 2014

Navigating the Freeport Health Care System

We had looked at the weather and figured that we would be here until at least the weekend before a weather window wide enough to get home would open. We were going to get the dingy down and explore the canals, go to the beach and into town. Our plans were hijacked. We were both pretty wiped out after the overnight trip here so we took it easy sleeping in and only replacing the bolt in the boom Freddie wasn't recharging on his virtual day off and continued to feel worn out. He continued to feel worse during the night until by daybreak he was in as he put it " the worst pain that he has ever endured in his life". At the risk of being indelicate he was no longer able to urinate and needed immediate medical attention. We contacted the night security guard who told us our best bet was to go to Rand Memorial Hospital and called an ambulance.The Hospital was around 5 minutes away so they got here really fast. These guys were GREAT. They loaded Freddie up (his first ride in an ambulance), drew blood and started an IV line, got all the necessary information and everything needed for the hospital including giving me a ride in the front seat.When we arrived I was directed to the registration desk while the medical staff took care of Freddie. I have to say I was very impressed with all of the staff. My thanks to Dr. Dean who was wonderful. Things were pretty similar to the US. The building was smaller and this hospital and is very busy handling what would equal our medicaid and medicare patients. They have a pharmacy for you to get your prescriptions quite cheaply, although it is located where you have to go past the mental ward to get there. Freddie was sent home (boat) with a catheter and will have to go back Sunday to have it replaced before we head home. He is responding very well and is taking it easy for the next few days. If he is not recovered to safely sail home by the first of the week we will look at leaving the boat here and flying home then bring the boat back later.
Tea Leaves is still here. The company doing the air bags and towing,  took the guys out this morning at high tide in their small boat to look at the channel. The winds have really been blowing since last night and the waves were crashing over the rocks making it a bad idea to tow them through the shallow pass. Tea Leaves continue to stay. Didn't take any pics at the hospital but here are some from Sunrise Marina and Resort. Not a bad place to recuperate. Nice amenities, floating docks with smooth well protected water and a terrific staff,
The pool although the cold front has arrived and we are from the South, need heat to swim.

More of Sunrise Grounds.


This is an eel that I saw in the walls at the Marina. Freddie felt good enough
to try to spear a lion fish he had seen from the docks. 

Beautiful moon in calm protected marina.

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