Saturday, August 25, 2012

We are making progress

The new antenna for the SSB arrived. Hopefully the SSB and pactor modem will arrive any day and the AIS soon after that. Yep definitely feeling the pain in the pocketbook but we had planned these purchases. Meanwhile the work to repair the damage from Beryl continues and we can actually see progress. I am studying the Ham Technician License course material.  This is a chore for me since I am radio and electronically challenged. Oh well, I wanted to stretch myself, and get outside of my comfort zone. Right?
More pics of the improvements soon.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Work goes on

Went out to the boat after the afternoon thunder shower. The fiberglass work is coming along but there is still a lot to be done for us to be sea worthy (actually Stray Cat to be seaworthy) Freddie and I have a long way to go but that won't happen on shore. I am still working on how to fully utilize the feature of this blog, so bare with our amateur efforts.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some Pics of the Damage from Beryl

Well work has been steady since we got Stray Cat to the boat yard. We have pulled the mast and we are having a new mast step made. The fiberglass repairs have been on going after we got all the mud cleaned out from inside the boat. The engines have been taken apart and are being repaired from all the water and mud from Beryl. We are going ahead and doing some outfitting that we had planned for later. The cruising kitty has been taking a major hit! We just ordered a SSB and AIS. We are also installing holding tanks to make sure the potty police are happy when we head south in a couple of months.

In the Yard with the Mast down

Mud everywhere

Yep more mud! and marsh mud stinks!

Damage in the front

Much more in the back

Ouch that hurts

Lots to be fixed from Beryl

Friday, August 3, 2012

Rescue after Beryl Pics

The crane and barge on the second attempt to lift us out.

Our dock after Beryl. Every boat broke loose the boat
you see was a total loss.

On our way finally to the boat yard.

Boat yard dock before being lifted to dry land.

Wow have things been Busy!

Been offline for a while. So long  in fact that I had trouble remembering how to get into my Blog. Guess I was suffering from a Blonde Moment.
Tropical Storm Beryl did a number on us here in St. Marys. All the boats on our dock had issues many ending up in the Marsh. Stray Cat was one of them. We even made the newspaper! Once we were able to get her from the Marsh she was taken straight to the boatyard. We are still working on repairs. We will post pictures soon.