Friday, November 23, 2012

The water is within site!

Putting on the hard antifouling
Lots of progress and it finally looks like we are going to get this boat floating again! The inside is still a huge mess but it is getting better. The outside is really coming along.The barrier coat is finished and the hard anti-foul is on, next is the ablative. The boots are being resealed and the engines are almost ready to fire up. I finished an extension for the bimini that will shade the helm. The new holding tank is installed. I have almost cleaned all the bright work ( that really made me feel better! at least something is clean.) Looks like we should get splashed sometime this week! We will need to test out all the repairs and then its a weather window and head south!

Drying between coats. the plastic is to protect it from the painting on the boat next to us.
We raised the water line about 3 inches. The ablative antifouling will be blue.

There are over 30 boats in the harbor for the annual Thanksgiving feast. Since we have family here and always have a big get together, we have never attended but plan to go to the cruisers exchange being held tomorrow morning. We have the vhs antenna that we took off the boat when we put up the new SSB antenna that we will take and see if anyone is interested in it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OK, So we are still on land and the boat looks like it's been through a tornado. We are making progress but are finding out first hand the truth in the saying that "everything takes longer and cost more on a boat!" We kept finding damage as we sanded the hull to prep the bottom for painting. Thankfully hulls are finally repaired and ready for paint.

We put new leather on the spreaders to help with chafe.

While the mast was on the ground we took the opportunity to recover the old brittle leather on the spreaders  with new ( well sort of new. We got a leather coat from Goodwill when we couldn't find any leather at a reasonable price.) We did get the mast back on and started putting on the stack pack and lazy jacks on but it started pouring so we went back inside to work on the holding tank. If we can catch a break on the weather they will do a barrier coat and then paint the bottom. Pictures and updates soon since I finally got the bugs worked out of my blog.