Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fishing Fun

Our son, Tripp, and his girlfriend, Dana, came from La's Vegas for a visit and we took advantage of a good afternoon weather forecast and motored to a spot just off of Cumberland Island for a little fishing. The first catch of the day was a nice Whiting that was dropped when being taken off the line. From then on it was a succession of small sharks and fish stick size whiting. No worries, it was all fun anyway. This was Dana's first shark encounter and she enjoyed getting a close up view of these little guys. It was slack tide and Tripp and Dana decided to swim to the island and spend a couple of hours there and then swim back to the boat. When they returned we pulled up the anchor and started home. The port engine promptly shut down. The alternator belt had broken and Freddie replaced it while I had the helm and Tripp and Dana enjoyed the hammock. We are looking into what is causing this as this is the third time this has happened and the belt was still new. The radar also went out just as we came around the bend to the marina. add a couple more things to the "Lets get her fixed List" I hope you enjoy the pics.



Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July St. Marys Georgia

We cleaned the props and took Stray Cat out for a sail. The day was beautiful and there was a slight swell but only 6 knots of wind. We had a great time and remembered why we had gotten the boat. That was Friday. We worked on the boat all day on Saturday. We are trying to track down a problem with the Auto Pilot. Talked to a marine electrician and are now going over each connection one by one. Auto keeps kicking out to stand by mode. That has got to be fixed before anything longer than a day sail. Sunday after church we spent the night on the boat at the dock and prepared for the July 4th celebration. I worked on setting up my Internet on the boat while Freddie worked on going through other systems and getting with the marine electrician. It was a beautiful night. We could see Resort's July 3rd fireworks across the river and the air conditioner in our berth was blanket cold. Monday morning we met up with our Kelsey, oldest daughter and her family and watched the parade. Every year St. Marys has a festival right here at the waterfront that attracts thousands. With so much going on right beside us it is amazing that the marina is still so quiet and laid back. We actually came back from the parade and watched a movie and took a nap. My brother and his wife came down and took a tour of the boat for the first time. Tonight Celebration ends with a fireworks display that they set off from a barge at the waterfront. Stray Cat makes a perfect platform to watch the show and all of the family will be be here tonight to join in on the fun. I hope you enjoy the pictures and Happy 4th!