Sunday, April 27, 2014

What we've been up to

After pulling into St. Marys we hit the land running(if not a little wobbly ). We unloaded stray cat and moved her back up North River to be hauled out and begin the work we have planned for this summer. We traveled to Alabama for our son's wedding. We had a wonderful Easter with family and friends made extra special since we had spent all other holidays except Christmas aboard Stray Cat with out family. I have spent mega hours at work getting the water-park ready to open next week and Freddie has been tearing out much of Stray Cats interior.

A Great Celebration for a Great Couple!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs Willie Winnifred Walker III.!  

Easter chaos at the Walkers!

Family and friends

Multiple generations.

Happy times, life is good!

Stray Cat sitting back on land at Rocky's

Most of the paneling, headliners and doors have been removed.
We have lots of plans for Stray Cat this summer so it looks like we will again be more of a maintenance blog until September.