Sunday, February 16, 2014

Medical Update and Tea Leaves

Very little has been happening around Stray Cat. We have been taking it easy and allowing Freddie to recuperate.Thank You Tammy, we really appreciate your prayers for Freddie's recovery. Freddie did spear a lion fish from the dock but lost it before he got it up out of the water. He also made sure to woop me in a few games of pool and even stayed out till 10 pm in the game room watching the Daytona race. We went to the Hospital this morning at 7 am and had Freddie's Cath. replaced to be sure that he would be in good shape to sail home. I was again more than pleased with the care Freddie received and we were out of there by 10 am. We have a good 4 day window to head home so we plan to pull out of here in the morning around 9 am at High tide. I have stayed pretty busy the last couple of days making sure that Freddie is taking all his medications , drinking lots of water etc. I have done laundry, defrosted the fridge (least favorite job) and prepared nourishing traveling meals (and fudge because you can't beat sugar and chocolate to help keep you going for those all night sails. and I really just wanted some) for our trip home. We can sure tell that we are further north because it got down to 62 degrees the other night. BRRRRR.. So not looking forward to colder weather.
Tea Leaves finally left! The guys should be snug in Ft. Lauderdale by now. The boat has been here since December but the guys went home for a while and got back to get the boat out 3 weeks ago. It was touch and go but they made it. There was also another boat that had engine problems trying to come in the entrance under sail at the same time. The guys helped tow it in after getting it to hold off to let them finish getting Tea Leaves out. We are hoping for a much less dramatic exit in the morning.  Our next Blog update should be from back in the States! Homeward Bound!

Tea Leaves early morning departure in 62 degree weather!

Heading out, just behind the pool.

Thats one of the owners. Notice the winter clothing.

Now to the tricky part. But they did make it.

If you look closely you can see the lionfish and the reflection of Freddie and spear.

Big Fred taking it easy by the pool. He takes taking it easy "SERIOUS" 

I think that allowing a person to win is very important to their physical recovery.

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