Sunday, April 26, 2015

Well time has flown by during a year of being land locked. While I worked the summer Freddie tore out the headliners, repaired fiberglass on both forward  bulk heads stripped out all the stained wood paneling, removed the stove for replacement and generally made a big mess. We did get the standing rigging replaced, a new main sail, stack pack made and installed. So Stray Cat has not been neglected to much this past year. Freddie then had a couple of sinus surgeries with 2 months recovery between each one that put the boat work on hold. We took Tripp and Dana on a big boat cruise as a belated wedding present (and help meet get my sand, sun and ocean fix) between Freddie's surgeries. We also went on a mission trip to Haiti. Now it's time to start up the pool season so it is back to pool work for me and Freddie is going to get back to work on Stray Cat so that we can head back out this fall.
Pretty isn't it!
Cleaned out with plenty of work still to do.

Hiking after kayaking on St. Thomas  big boat excursion. It did inspire us to get kayaks to bring with us on Stray Cat.

Snorkel excursion on Grand Turk.

Road side venders in Haiti

Playing with the kids at the orphanage in Haiti.

Teaching First Aid/CPR in Haiti
Freddie with one of the orphans at the orphanage in Haiti.

Installing the new Mainsail

The new main. Yea!!!

Boat yard dirty but a new black stack-pack for the new main.

Freddie on the way home from the hospital with his nose dressing.

 Well we have lots to get done to be ready to head out this fall. We have a few things on our wish list to accomplish. New hard Bimini, more solar, new stove and finish the inside. We will see how much the cruising kitty and the time clock will cooperate.

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